Two Weeks in Europe With My Best Friend

so much has happened since i last wrote, and i apologize for just falling off like that. i promise to be better - especially now that this is my own domain! 🙂 no more from here on out, its period. now on to more pressing matters such I AM A WORKING WOMAN! thats right, … Continue reading Two Weeks in Europe With My Best Friend


Five Favorites | Reasons NOT to Blog

Hi! Remember me? I know its hard, seeing as its been nearly 3 weeks since my last post. But fear not - I am back and ready to not only explain my reasoning for not blogging, but I am also prepared with  l o t s   of great content to finish out this semester! Anywho, today's post … Continue reading Five Favorites | Reasons NOT to Blog

10 Weeks Late

I arrived home from my marvelous time studying abroad on May 17th, just over 10 weeks ago. On May 21st, 4 days after returning home, I wrote this post. I have been meaning to write this post since May 22nd. So here it finally is... Returning home from abroad, there are a lot of things … Continue reading 10 Weeks Late