another chance to get it right

last year i made a post all about my new years resolutions (you can find it here) and as i begin to write this post, it feels oddly familiar. “new year, new me” is all i’ve been hearing lately. the overwhelming bout of “starting 2016 off with…” posts on social media yesterday forced me to shut off my phone for the remainder of the evening. two thoughts – Continue reading

#hashtag this

after another long, unintentional hiatus from posting, i think i have finally found a solid topic to break the gap: hashtags. i’m sure you’re all familiar with hashtags, especially those that coordinate with the days of the week (#mancrushmonday, #womancrushwednesday, #throwbackthursday, #selfiesaturday + #selfiesunday). However, in the past few weeks, some other hashtags have been stealing the limelight. Continue reading

Two Weeks in Europe With My Best Friend

so much has happened since i last wrote, and i apologize for just falling off like that. i promise to be better – especially now that this is my own domain! 🙂 no more from here on out, its period.

now on to more pressing matters such I AM A WORKING WOMAN! thats right, june 1st marked day 1 of my first post-collegiate job as the university of mount union’s social media specialist. but before we get into that, i have to tell you about  the adventure of a time bff ann and i had on our two-week trip to europe! Continue reading

10 Things I’m Realizing With Only 1 Month of College Left

The long awaited day of graduation is nearing and the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter. All those 20 page essays, all-nighters, group projects and 3 hour exams are finally almost over. This is what we’ve all been counting down to for close to 4 years, right?! Then why are my daily thoughts consumed with memories and realizations that I’m really going to miss college? Because as much as we dreaded the awful parts, college really has been the best part of our lives so far. With less than 1 month of actual classes left, I feel obligated to compose a list of the major college takeaways I’ll be basking in for the next few weeks.

Continue reading

Five Favorites | Reasons NOT to Blog

Hi! Remember me? I know its hard, seeing as its been nearly 3 weeks since my last post. But fear not – I am back and ready to not only explain my reasoning for not blogging, but I am also prepared with  l o t s   of great content to finish out this semester! Anywho, today’s post will be covering the 5 top reasons why I have neglected my blog for the past few weeks. Enjoy! 🙂 Continue reading

App of the Week | Over

Looking to step up your Instagram game? Meet: Over.

One of my favorite photography apps,  you can use Over to add text and artwork to your photos and create masterpieces in just a few minutes. I’ve been using the app for several years, but often forget how much fun it is and then go through an obsessive stage where I add words to everything. Continue reading

Five Favorites | Staycations

In honor of it being my spring break, I bring to you a special edition of Five Favorites focused on the awesomeness that is a   s t a y c a t i o n. Staycations are fabulous because you’re on break and supposed to be relaxing but have infinite hours in the day to play. Therefore, I’m going to highlight 5 awesome activities to make your next winter staycation the best one yet. Continue reading

App of the Week | Pocket

Happy Friday, y’all! This week I’m reviewing the handy, dandy app known as Pocket.

Have you ever been scrolling through your Twitter/Facebook feed and you come across an awesome article about the “5 Documentaries You HAVE to Watch” or “If 2 Chainz Quotes Were Motivational Posters” or even the infamous “12 Reasons Why You Are Obsessed With Your Big” and you click on it, it opens in Safari and you realize ehhh, don’t really have time/feel like reading this right now and decide you’ll come back to it later?? But then you never actually do? If so, then you’re going to  L O V E  this app. Once you install it on your smartphone, you can “pocket” any website/article/video and come back to it later when you actually have time to read it. Continue reading

Five Favorites | Ohio Tundra Attire

For those of you reading this from anywhere besides the Eastern half of the United States, you may not be aware of the recent freezing temperatures we’ve been struggling through over here. Lots of school closings (except only a delay at my university), claims of frost bite, and shivering have taken over our lives. However, this has provided me with the perfect prompt for my blog – my favorite things to wear to protect myself from the cold. So here you have it! Continue reading