another chance to get it right

last year i made a post all about my new years resolutions (you can find it here) and as i begin to write this post, it feels oddly familiar. “new year, new me” is all i’ve been hearing lately. the overwhelming bout of “starting 2016 off with…” posts on social media yesterday forced me to shut off my phone for the remainder of the evening. two thoughts –

1. we spend so much time thinking of ways to make ourselves better, but do we ever spend even half of the same time reflecting on our past resolutions, how we did, what we could have done better, obstacles that held us back from succeeding?

2. i’m all for everyone taking the time to examine themselves and decide on a few things to improve (mentally, physically, emotionally, at home, at work, in relationships). BUT it doesn’t have to be january 1st in order to do that. every single day is a chance to improve ourselves. one of my friends was beating herself up because today is january 2nd and she didn’t start her resolution exactly on the first of the month. things like that can totally discourage people from completing their goals, when in actuality – every single day is a new day, another chance to get it right.

so with that being said, let’s look at how i did last year… UPDATE: happy 2015 (updates are below each resolution in italics).

now to focus on this year. my good friends and myself have been talking about resolutions for the past week and this is where part of my outlook on it has come. however, for 2016, my areas for focus are as follows:

  • budgeting
  • developing a healthier relationship with my body and food
  • consuming fewer material goods
  • refusing to drive under any circumstance where alcohol is remotely involved

i have a few plans and tools in mind to help me succeed at these and in a perfect world, i’ll be updating my blog with them. if you never hear another word about it, assume the best and that my life is going so great, i’ve forgotten all about this blog, haha.

cheers to another year to get it (more) right!💫