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after another long, unintentional hiatus from posting, i think i have finally found a solid topic to break the gap: hashtags. i’m sure you’re all familiar with hashtags, especially those that coordinate with the days of the week (#mancrushmonday, #womancrushwednesday, #throwbackthursday, #selfiesaturday + #selfiesunday). However, in the past few weeks, some other hashtags have been stealing the limelight. first up, the banned/unbanned hashtags on instagram //

• in the past month especially, instagram has been stepping up its cleaning game by removing hashtags that were over-associated with nsfw photos, making them harder to be discovered. one of the first to go was the eggplant emoji, quickly after the app made emojis searchable with hashtags.

• next to go was #curvy + this one upset a lot of women, big time. the word curvy has come to own a positive connotation in our current society, encouraging women to embrace their natural body shape instead of bash it next to the media’s normal portrayal of skinny models. an uproar occurred when the hashtag was banned and users began using #curvee instead, as it had not yet been blocked, to tag their frustration with instagram’s action. according to a rep at instagram, #curvy “was being used to share images and videos that violated instagram’s community guidelines around nudity.” rightttttt.

but have faith, good people. last week the word was unbanned, giving users the freedom to continue to rock their #curvy + #curvee selfies all over the gram.

• and right when our faith was restored in instagram’s support of female empowerment, they banned beyoncé. well basically. as of yesterday the hashtag #goddess has been banned from the app, because… they haven’t learned anything from the #curvy debacle?? while i respect everything instagram is doing to protect sensitive issues, i sincerely hope they can find a healthy balance in the future.

another hashtag sensation i just became aware of today goes a different route to promoting body positivity: #thighreading. it all started last week when @princess_labia posted a photo of her non-photoshopped thighs, announcing that her stretch marks told a story of her journey through life.

stretch marks, scabs and scars are all welcome. i love this so much i’m joining in:

for more photos of this beautiful act of self-love: #thighreading

next, in a never-ending fight against online censorship, male nipples have entered center stage this month in an effort to help fight gender-based double standards.

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Free the nipple #trollshelterbelow

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this month everyone from miley (my idol) to matt mcgorry (everyone’s fav #oitnb correctional officer) have done their share for the #freethenipple campaign which encourages users to place safe-for-work male nipples on top of their not-safe-for-work female nipples. women from all over the globe are posting these photos demanding the right to decide how their bodies are viewed. and i have to admit, im all for it + cant think of a better way to fight online censorship. i mean its 2 0 1 5, why do we still have gender-based double standards anyways?


up next: #selfiewithdaughter // india’s prime minister has started a campaign to support gender equality and boost the standing of women in india. the importance of recognizing women in india is becoming higher priority as the number of males births greatly outnumbers that a female births.  for some real feel good love of how hashtags can bring people together, see #selfiewithdaughter on twitter.

& last, but most certainly not least, #realdiversitynumbers // this hashtag is challenging companies in the tech industry on their efforts for creating more diversity. take note, this is not just about calling out the lack of women or males from different backgrounds, but digging deeper at demographics such as age, race, sexual orientation and different points of view. take a look at some of my favorite tweets:

join the twitter conversation: #realdiversitynumbers

well folks, thats about all I’ve got. i hope this post makes you feel smarter and gives you something to talk about at your next soirée besides donald trump.

with that, i leave you with this awesome interactive map of the “food capitals of instagram,” decided by, you guessed it – hashtags. 🙂 cheers!