Two Weeks in Europe With My Best Friend

so much has happened since i last wrote, and i apologize for just falling off like that. i promise to be better – especially now that this is my own domain! 🙂 no more from here on out, its period.

now on to more pressing matters such I AM A WORKING WOMAN! thats right, june 1st marked day 1 of my first post-collegiate job as the university of mount union’s social media specialist. but before we get into that, i have to tell you about  the adventure of a time bff ann and i had on our two-week trip to europe!

may 12th, 2015

we set off overseas. cak –> clt –> dub.

we spent 6 days in ireland, mainly exploring dublin and its surrounding area. we visited wicklow national park (including the church where tom cruise and nicole kidman got married and the ever so popular bridge from ps i love you), glendalough, the guinness factory at st james gates, temple bar area, some ritzy pubs, trinity college, the island fishery town of howth, cliffs of moher and walked nearly every mile of downtown dublin

Photo May 14, 1 59 58 PM Photo May 14, 2 02 48 PM Photo May 14, 2 43 14 PM Photo May 14, 3 48 33 PM Photo May 15, 5 35 27 PM Photo May 17, 8 23 16 PM (1)Photo May 16, 3 47 38 PM Photo May 17, 2 08 22 PM Photo May 17, 2 32 21 PM Photo May 17, 3 09 34 PM Photo May 28, 8 37 07 AM Photo May 28, 8 36 45 AM10422247_10205811142293536_2527607023443114994_n

while we were in dublin we stayed a few miles outside of the city at the most charming airbnb ever. our hosts were theresa + huey, who were amongst one of the first six airbnbs in ireland. so, basically they’re pros. they had breakfast of pastries, nutella, jams + granola, a wonderfully designed bedroom with a walkway to the back yard, and even our own bathroom. this was our first experience with airbnb and it was perfect! here are some pics from their quaint country cottage.

Photo May 17, 7 01 48 PMPhoto May 13, 4 53 39 PM

from there we set off for paris, france. we only had two days here and we were destined to see all the sights while spending our nights in a hostel. we sent the whole first evening trying parisian food, people watching and planning our tour de paris (huge shout out to emma for hitting us with all the tips, we were paris pros thanks to her). the next morning we arrived at the eiffel tower @ 830am – enough time to photograph all of its stunning beauty, grab a bfast nutella crepe and be first in line for the tower stairs. we hiked up to the second floor and marveled at the ever-gorgeous view of paris. over the next 8 hours we hit up the arc de triomphe, avenue des champs-elysees, jardin des tuileries, the louvre, pont des arts (love lock bridge), notre dame, moulin rouge and the eiffel tower again at night with some brews. boy is that tower gorgeous at night + for those of you who dont know, it literally sparkles for 5 minutes every hour on the hour from 9pm to midnight. it is magical.

Photo May 20, 2 30 51 AM Photo May 20, 2 32 40 AM Photo May 20, 3 51 16 AM Photo May 20, 4 20 14 AM Photo May 20, 5 00 51 AM Photo May 20, 6 38 03 AMPhoto May 25, 3 55 13 AM (3)Photo May 25, 3 55 13 AM (2)Photo May 21, 4 29 03 AMPhoto May 20, 9 59 02 AMPhoto May 20, 9 00 27 AMPhoto May 20, 7 04 39 AMPhoto May 20, 4 05 25 PM

the next day we tried to meet up with my friend shawna, but our time tables just didnt work. we were off to the airport for our last stop of the trip (and my personal favorite) b a r c e l o n a.


we spent 5 days exploring the vibrant city, tasting as many spanish tapas as we could. our first day started out with churros con chocolate for breakfast followed by gazing at a few of antoni gaudi’s works: the casa mila and casa batllo. we walked the spanish champs elysees – passeig de garcia through plaza de catalyuna and onto la rambla. from here we found la boqueria mercado – an amazingly cheap market where locals sell everything from fresh fruit and fish to burritos, jamon and smoothies, it was fabulous. for the remainder of the night we spent our time having a picnic on the steps of the macba (museu d’art contemporani de barcelona). this was by far my favorite place in barcelona. tons of local skateboarders took turns pulling moves. the sound of skateboard on cement should be deemed the official sound of the city. it was incredible, and somewhere i’d spend all my time if i lived in the city. throughout the rest of the week/weekend we experienced true catalan nightlife with my friend and old spanish teaching assistant alba, park guell, la playa,  and the monastery of montserrat buried in the spanish mountains.

Photo May 22, 7 14 15 AM Photo May 26, 5 24 06 PM (1) Photo May 26, 5 24 05 PMPhoto May 22, 11 01 49 AM Photo May 22, 11 11 34 AM Photo May 23, 1 34 04 PM Photo May 23, 6 08 40 AM Photo May 23, 6 26 59 AM Photo May 23, 6 38 51 AM Photo May 23, 6 49 36 AM Photo May 23, 9 12 57 AM Photo May 25, 2 15 26 PM Photo May 25, 5 36 00 AMPhoto May 25, 7 16 51 PMPhoto May 26, 5 35 20 PMPhoto May 26, 7 58 19 PM

may 26th, 2015

+ al fin, we headed back to the states with enough memories, laughs and croissant calories to last us a lifetime. it was more fantastic than i could have ever imagined + just the right vacation to prepare us for our big-girl jobs.

Photo May 28, 8 37 28 AM

(don’t we look prepared?!)

today is my second day at my new position as the university of mount union’s social media specialist + i already love it! also, as of july 25th, annie will be spending the next 365 days in arkansas working her tail off for goodyear. Heres to us + everyone else chasing their dreams! 🙂


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