Five Favorites | Staycations

In honor of it being my spring break, I bring to you a special edition of Five Favorites focused on the awesomeness that is a   s t a y c a t i o n. Staycations are fabulous because you’re on break and supposed to be relaxing but have infinite hours in the day to play. Therefore, I’m going to highlight 5 awesome activities to make your next winter staycation the best one yet.

1. Media Overload | Staycations are bomb because you can lay on the couch all day and not get yelled at by your parents/spouses/bossy roommates because that’s what you’re supposed to be doing. But if you’re going to recline all day, might as well entertain yourself, amirite? This is the perfect time to:

  • Netflix one of those series everyone has been talking about (House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Parks and Recreation, Breaking Bad, How I Met Your Mother).
  • Movie marathon into the wee hours of the night (Harry Potter, The Dark Knight, Star Wars, James Bond).
  • Cokeandpopcorn some other awesome shows people keep talking about (Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, The Big Bang Theory, True Blood).
  • Or just stalk every social network you belong to and wish you were on a beach with your feet in the sand (I don’t recommend this one).

2. Go Pinterest Crazy | This one doesn’t just apply to the girls, Pinterest has something for everything! Use your newly acquired free time to:

3. Have Fun With Your Workouts | Technically, you shouldn’t be working out over break, right? But I know some of us just urge to torch calories all day, so at least use your staycation to try some different ways of working out vs. hitting the gym. My favorite fun ways to stay in shape are:

  • Throwing dance parties, every day. At my townhouse, my roommates and myself usually break out into one of these parties several times a day. If you need some new tunes to get those limbs a’groovin’ check out my post from a few weeks ago: Five Favorites | Music.
  • Get your chi flowing with some yoga! YouTube some tutorials, take a class or just flop around on your mat – either way you’re stretching and using muscles that don’t typically get as much use. Chances are you’ll feel 1454970x better after some yoga frolicking.
  • Get out + get going! Go skiing/snowboarding/tubing/luging/tobogganing/ice skating/snow hiking/sledding or just make some pretty snow angels and snow men. Either way, you can’t stay in your house alllll day – fresh air is good for the soul.

4. Tour de [ Your Hometown ] | Turn your staycation into a chance to explore your hometown a little more. Even if you live in a small town, chances are something has changed or been built. Try a new restaurant or plan to visit a museum you may not have set foot in since that field trip in 5th grade. Another great idea is to pick a certain food/drink and visit as many restaurants in your town as you want and compare them. For example, I’m from a small town but I can think of 4+ restaurants I’ve never been to. Say I chose coffee – I would visit as many restaurants as my bank account could afford and create a ranking, crowning one small business King of the Cup of Coffee. I also strongly suggest doing this with omelettes or burgers!

5. Sleep | In case you were not aware, you could also just use your staycation as a time to catch up on some zzz’s. After all, as college students, we are very overworked + underpaid and need this time to rejuvenate ourselves.

For those of you down south getting tan and sippin’ margs by the pool, go you! For anyone who is not doing that – I hope this helps spice up your week at home with fam and friends! 🙂