Hi Bye January!

Just in case you weren’t aware, there are exactly three days left in January. T H R E E   D A Y S. Where the heck did this month go?! The last time I posted, I promised to write once a week. Clearly, that has not yet come to reality – but I’m working on it! At least I got to this post before the whole month changed.

Around this time last year, I was setting sails for a whole new adventure of studying abroad. Everything I knew and was used to changed drastically. At the time, I was scared out of my mind and calling home every day. But somehow (help of family/friends/nature), I managed to get over my homesickness and embrace the experience. I expected 2015 to bring me a much calmer new year. But I should have learned by now – expect the unexpected. Along with the realization that I only have three/four months of college left, a major change in my life occurred. No, I didn’t jump on a plane (though I want to every minute of the day), but a few mistakes led to the end of a relationship I cherished dearly. So just like last year, my life has flipped upside down. Thankfully, I am following last year’s cues and learning to embrace the change, again. Everything happens for a reason, right?

Nonetheless, 2015 has managed to keep me busy in the midst of all these changes. Even though I’m only enrolled in 13 credit hours (the fewest I’ve ever had), my semester has been jam packed!

I’m taking my human resource management SCE and pairing it with an honors capstone focusing on the pros/cons of an internal social network for my university.

My Social Team meetings are still the highlights of my week, as we continue to discuss Snapchat geofilters/campaigns/everything social. I have taken over managing the @LifeofaRaider Instagram account, meaning I get to work with my boss to contact students, take their photos, design media and measure analytics. It’s seriously so awesome to see this idea come to life and continue to grow daily!

Also, my photo was featured for the first ever Mount Union downloadable wallpaper! Stay tuned for a new one every month.

I am on week four of the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide and its awesome! My roomiebff Tam joined me on week three and we’ve been sticking strictly to the workouts, plus throwing in extra cardio every other day. If only we could follow the food guide the same way…

I’m obsessed with Snapchat [ follow me: ayysams ] & ghetto rap music, but that’s not new news.

#WineWednesdays are actually a trending event our townhouse (P Diddy) hosts every week. We’ve built up quite a fun gang of friends who come over to sip wine, play Cards Against Humanity and laugh into the early morning. Since Tam and I don’t have class Tuesdays or Thursdays, its turning out to be our favorite night of the week!

I’ve been applying for jobs pretty avidly, but nothing secured yet. However, I am really proud of my redesigned resume and pumped to hand it out next week at a school job fair!

The snow keeps falling here and I keep falling in love with it, over and over and over again. Like, how could you not be in love with this??

Photo Jan 28, 8 20 14 PM

So that was January, and I can’t wait to see what February has to bring (for one – more blog posts about stuff that might actually interest someone besides me)!  Happy #WineWednesday, friends!