5 Apps to Help You “Do College Right”

As the semester is beginning to demand more and more from us college students, I thought I would write a post about the apps that help me keep my sanity between all the papers, presentations, group meetings and practices. I hope you can find at least one that makes your life a little less crazy too!

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  • This handy app connects with Google Calendar (the greatest time-management tool known to man!) and displays your daily agenda perfectly. I utilize this app by color-coordinating different calendars. For example, I have a teal calendar for classes, grey for soccer, pink for travel plans, aqua for my work schedules and a purple calendar for anything that doesn’t fall into those categories. The alert function is super helpful in reminding me anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 days before the event. BONUS** You can also share calendars. The soccer girls and I share the soccer calendar so we always know when our practices are.

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  • This is like the Notepad app for iPhones – on crack. Its great! You can create as many notes as you would like and they are all stored on the cloud, meaning you can access them from your phone, tablet, laptop, or even the computers by the circulation desk. This way you are never without them and can jot down anything as it comes to mind and easily come back to it later. BONUS** Sharing is also possible on this app, meaning you and your friend can keep a list of all the Netflix/Hulu/HBOGo passwords you know so you’re never stranded without something to watch!

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  • This is the golden treasure chest of my productivity apps. Since I’m a cheap college student, I don’t have the Microsoft Office Suite and I’m completely content without it, thanks to Google Drive. I can create documents, spreadsheets and presentations with this app – and its all stored on the cloud. This way I can edit documents right on my phone or at any computer. As with every other app so far, sharing comes in clutch. For one of the organizations I’m involved with on campus, we have a shared folder and we upload all our presentations there and can work collectively on one document (even at the same time!) instead of always having to meet physically. This will come in real handy once group projects start to take over your life. Teams can brainstorm together on one document when its convenient for them = less actual meetings where you sit around and do nothing = increased productivity!

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  • This is the ultimate test-acing app. StudyBlue lets you create virtual notecards for tests and helps you study them. Once you make the notecards, you can flip them (as you would with physical notecards), create a review sheet to go over or take a mini quiz over the content. The best part about this app is that after you flip through the cards (either in order or randomly, per your preference), StudyBlue gives you a score. The more you study the cards and get right answers, can you guess what happens? You got it – your overall score goes up (and you become smarter and closer to that A+).

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  • This app is a little different than the others, but I consider it essential! Pocket is like Pinterest for your random articles/videos/websites. You know those moments when you should be studying, but instead you’re browsing [Insert social platform here], and you come across that article about “50 of the Best Handmade Christmas Gifts” or “20 Awesome US Cities You Need To Visit In Your 20s.” You’re being tested – should you read that article or keep trudging through that paper on 18th century cultural music? Well, if you do decide to stay on the path of productivity (bless your Intro to Theatre soul), you can add that article to your Pocket and come back to it later. Even better, Pocket lets you add tags to all your articles/videos/websites for easier finding later. I will also admit to using Pocket by browsing through my #travel tagged articles while daydreaming in class – it happens to the best of us!

So whether you just need some place to remind yourself about that hall meeting in two weeks, or want to ace your tests, or refuse to pay for Microsoft Office like me – hopefully this list will save you some time and let you get back to the more important parts of life – like Sunday brunch and Thursday Night Football!