10 Weeks Late

I arrived home from my marvelous time studying abroad on May 17th, just over 10 weeks ago. On May 21st, 4 days after returning home, I wrote this post.
I have been meaning to write this post since May 22nd. So here it finally is…

Returning home from abroad, there are a lot of things running through your head. What has changed? When can I see my friends? How do I unpack all this? Can I sleep for a week straight? Am I registered for classes? When can I go back? Do I ever have to leave my bed again? …and so much more. A whirlwind of feelings takes over and you realize returning home is the same as you remember it, but totally different at the same time.

But I wasn’t home for too long to see if these feelings stuck around because less than one week later I was starting my summer internship at Quicken Loans. I proceeded to unpack my suitcase from abroad and re-pack it within the same day (which could have been a blog post of its own). I spent a few days basking in the evenings and meals spent with my family and friends before loading up the car and heading north towards Michigan.

I parked outside my new home for the summer – Leon H. Atchison Hall at Wayne State University and started unloading my car. After an hour or so of moving in, I realized a few things: 1. There was no shower curtain. 2. There was no overhead light (AKA – I needed to buy a floor lamp pronto). 3. We had air conditioning #winning. and 4. The Detroit Police Department takes parking very seriously. I was slammed with a $20 parking ticket within an hour. But I didn’t have time to stick around and debate it. It was Memorial Day weekend and I was on my way to my first adventure post-Spain – Saguatuck, Michigan, (located on the western side of the mitten on Lake Michigan) with Zak and a whole bunch of Googlers. I had no idea what to expect, but isn’t that what makes adventures the best?!

And what an adventure it was! Memorial Day weekend was filled with cabin food, charades, sunbathing, Settlers of Catan and new friendships – more than I could have ever anticipated.

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset Photo May 26, 12 56 42 PM

Now fast forward to Tuesday, May 27th. Ten days after I had landed in the states and I was catching the shuttle from Wayne State to downtown Detroit for my first day as a Quicken Loans intern. Boy, was I in for a ride…